Todd Reagan is a Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services based in Dallas, TX with a passion for Machine Learning and IoT. When not working, he likes spending time outdoors with his family, finding the next landscape to photograph, and playing golf.

Varun Rao Bhamidimarri is an Enterprise Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services based in Dallas Tx. His focus is helping customers with adoption of cloud-enabled analytics solutions to meet their business requirements.

Raj Kadiyala is an AI/ML Tech Business Development Manager in AWS WWPS Partner Organization. Raj has over 12 years of experience in Machine Learning and likes to spend his free time exploring machine learning for practical every day solutions and staying active in the great outdoors of Colorado.

Lakshay Sharma is a Software Development Engineer at Amazon Prime Video who enjoys building and applying Computer Vision and Machine Learning solutions to problems. He is particularly interested in exploring self-supervised, weakly supervised, and few-shot learning techniques.

Jeff Keyes is a Principal Engineer with Amazon FreeTime. Currently, he spends most of his time on analytics and software architecture, but, when time permits, he loves to dabble in machine learning and optimization.

Phu Nguyen is a Product Manager for AWS DeepLens. He builds products that give developers of any skill level an easy, hands-on introduction to machine learning.

Juan Pablo Bustos is a Solutions Architect for Global Accounts at Amazon Web services based in Dallas, TX. Outside of work, he loves spending time writing and playing music as well as trying random restaurants with his family.