Create a cloud Lambda function to detect hard hats with Amazon Rekognition

  1. Go to Lambda in AWS Console at
  2. Click on Create function.
  3. Under Create function, by default Author from scratch should be selected.
  4. Under Author from scratch, provide the following details:
  • Name: worker-safety-cloud
  • Runtime: Python 3.7
  • Role: Choose an existing role
  • Existing role: RecognizeObjectLambdaRole
  • Click Create function
  1. Under Environment variables, add a variable:
  • Key: iot_topic
  • Value: worker-safety-demo-cloud
  1. Copy the code from and paste it under the Function code for the Lambda function.
  2. Click Save.

  3. Under Add triggers, select S3.

  4. Under Configure triggers:

  • Bucket: Select the S3 bucket you just created in earlier step.
  • Event type: Leave default Object Created (All)
  • Leave defaults for Prefix and Suffix and make sure Enable trigger checkbox is checked.
  • Click Add.
  • Click Save on the top right to save the changes to the Lambda function.