Use AWS DeepLens and Amazon Rekognition to build an application that helps identify if a person at a construction site is wearing the right safety gear, in this case, a hard hat.

Learning objectives

In this lab you will learn the following:

  • Create and deploy an object detection project to AWS DeepLens.
  • Modify the AWS DeepLens object detection inference Lambda function to detect persons and upload the frame to Amazon S3.
  • Create a Lambda function to identify persons who are not wearing safety hats.
  • Analyze the results using AWS IoT , Amazon CloudWatch and a web dashboard.


For this tutorial you will need to know how to:

Please revisit these sections if you are not familiar with the steps.

You will also need an Amazon S3 bucket, see here for how to create one.

Skills required

  • Basic coding skills


  • 1-2 hrs


Follow the modules below or refer to the online course to learn how to build the application in 30 minutes.

Online course

You can find the video version of this tutorial in an online course.

Online Course