Deploy a sample project

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to deploy one of many available sample projects to your AWS DeepLens. Sample projects are ready-to-go model and code that lets you see what AWS DeepLens can do in 10 mins or less.

Here are some of the many sample projects available for AWS DeepLens.

Object detection

Detect 20 types of household objects

Face detection

Detect all faces in your surroundings.

Artistic style transfer

Make your surroundings look like Van Gogh’s paintings.

Action recognition

Recognize more than 30 kinds of actions.

1. Create a new project


For Project Type select Use a project template

Then choose a project template. Scroll down and click Next.

Enter a project name and description. Scroll down and click Create.


2. Deploy to device

Select the project you just created from the list by choosing the radio button

Select Deploy to device.


On the Target device screen, choose your device from the list, and click Review.

Then click Deploy

You should be taken to your device’s page and see the banner “Deploy Successful”