What is AWS DeepLens?

AWS DeepLens is a fully programmable video camera that help developers expand their machine learning skills through projects, tutorials and sample code.

In particular AWS DeepLens helps developers create projects with deep learning, a machine learning technique that uses neural networks to learn have enabled computers to make accurate predictions based on visual imagery.

What can you build with DeepLens?

Out of the box, DeepLens comes with many sample projects that you can use for your application.

Object detection

Detect 20 types of household objects

Face detection

Detect all faces in your surroundings.

Artistic style transfer

Make your surroundings look like Van Gogh’s paintings.

Action recognition

Recognize more than 30 kinds of actions.

Or you check out many community projects to find inspiration:


An ML application that reads books to kids.


Interactive game for children that asks them to answer questions by showing the right things to DeepLens.


Identify "Who Is At The Door" using an Alexa Skill. Unknown visitors trigger SMS or email alerts to relatives or carers.


Sign-to-speech for the American Sign Language alphabet.

Check out more community projects here.

Where can you buy DeepLens?

You can buy AWS DeepLens on Amazon.com.